Our One and Only Spaceship: Denial, Delusion, and the Population Crisis. Eric Pianka

Our One and Only Spaceship: Denial, Delusion, and the Population Crisis

ISBN: 9781733030502 | 246 pages | 7 Mb

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  • Our One and Only Spaceship: Denial, Delusion, and the Population Crisis
  • Eric Pianka
  • Page: 246
  • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi
  • ISBN: 9781733030502
  • Publisher: Eric R Pianka and Laurie J Vitt
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In Road to Survival 70 years ago, William Vogt tried to call attention to the human overpopulation crisis, but failed. Paul Ehrlich raised this issue again 20 years later but was also widely ignored. We wish to re-open this long overdue and much needed discussion about population, a toxic topic that politicians globally avoid. We have written a book "Our One and Only Spaceship:Denial, Delusion and the Population Crisis." We are two well-known ecologists Eric R. Pianka (University of Texas) and Laurie J. Vitt (University of Oklahoma). Our book is based on a great deal of research that we have conducted into the topic and on a course that Pianka taught (http://www.zo.utexas.edu/courses/THOC/ ). We have edited and written books together, both scientific and semi-popular. Using fact-based analyses, we make the case that human population size and growth is the greatest threat to human survival, and that most if not every major global problem (including spread of AIDS and other communicable diseases, wars and other conflicts, climate change and in particular global warming, food water and energy shortages, poverty, political unrest, pollution, extinctions, etc.) are all direct results of overpopulation. Our birth rate far exceeds our death rate and the current global population of 7.7 billion in itself is unsustainable even without additional growth. This has put us on a collision course with disaster. It is perilous to remain in denial about all of the threats emanating from overpopulation. As we become ever more and more desperate in trying to provide resources necessary to meet critical demands, our environmental problems will only worsen as we continue to deregulate thus allowing increased exploitation of dwindling natural resources. The thin skin of life on our planet is seriously threatened by the actions of a single species, Homo sapiens. Remarkably, even with our putative high intelligence, we don't seem to be able to even admit that the problem is population such that discussions can begin on how to stop population growth. One thing is certain, it must and will stop—either we can do it through a series of logical steps (educating the public, coming up with a global plan, implementing the plan), or it will occur as the result of a combination of wars over resources, spread of infectious disease, or even famine. Such a discussion will have a greater impact on human survival than any of the many news stories currently dominating our media. Overpopulation has only one outcome, and we have all seen it when mold takes over an orange—unlike mold growing on an orange, we do not have another "orange" to which we can send our offspring (There is no planet B). We are fully aware that discussions on population are "politically incorrect" and will be extremely sensitive to many people (especially religious groups) who take up arms in response to any discussion to limit reproduction. The ultimate biological reason for this response is simply that our genes control much of what we do, and reproduction is the currency of future generations. A more proximate reason is simply that our hormonal systems kick in when we reach puberty and all reason is washed away in the maelstrom of hormonal activity pushing us to reproduce. We must do something -- ignoring our pressing problem and expecting it to go away is like hoping in vain to win the mega-lottery.

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